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Fans everywhere crave a deeper connection. Businesses desire influential collaborations. Charities yearn for the power of a global icon to amplify their message. Everybody has to win and with MySpotlight, that is exactly what they will get.  

Enter "My Spotlight". We're not just another platform. We are the bridge to meaningful and powerful conversations, experiences & access with the world's leading stars, influencers, and business moguls.

In a world saturated with fleeting glimpses of celebrities and short shout-outs, MySpotlight is changing the narrative.

The Impossible is Now Possible

Imagine diving deep into conversations with your favorite icon about their journey, their passions, and their dreams or seeing advice on your life and path. Imagine living and experiencing once in lifetime experiences with your favorite stars or people you want to get close too. Get a meeting you never thought was possible and picture the unparalleled business opportunities as you collaborate with leading influencers, accessing not just their reach, but their insights. Envision celebrities channeling their star power, partnering with charities to drive impactful global change.


For Fans: 

Go beyond the surface. Connect, relate, and truly understand the people you admire

For Businesses:

Secure transformative partnerships. Harness the influence of global icons to scale and redefine your brand

For Charities:

Amplify your message! Reach new audiences and drive donations through the star power of philanthropic celebrities


MySpotlight is more than a platform; it's about direct access. Redefining fan experiences, elevating business opportunities, and amplifying charitable causes. Join us in the spotlight, and let's make conversations and life experience count.

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Caroline Stanbury & Sergio Carrallo

Bruce Buffer

Jillian Michaels

George Ross

JT Foxx

UFC Announcer

Fitness Guru

The Apprentice

World's #1 Wealth & Business Coach

Real Housewives Of Dubai

Adam Coffey 

Gabe Karp 

Derik Fay

Joe Foster

Cuttino Mobley

American Entrepreneur

Reebok Founder

Former NBA Star

Billion Dollar Deal Maker

Best Selling Author & Conflict Authority

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